(Ages 1.4~3)

7:30 AM~
Childcare Available

Playschool Short 10:00-14:00
Playschool Long 9:00-17:00

2 to 5 days a week

Playschool is a 4-hour or longer class for children ages 1 year and 4 months to 3 years old.
Our program is designed to help each child gain confidence while giving them a sense of security.
The program also encourages children's independence and takes into account what is important to them now,
while respecting each child's individuality.


Immersed in English in a
safe environment

Children are encouraged to explore their environment, develop self-help skills, and learn cooperation and the ability to share. They will make great developmental strides during this time as they mature socially, cognitively and emotionally. Activities are planned in accordance with each child's developmental stage, with older and younger children divided into Play Young and Play Old classes to help support their individual needs. Every effort is made to create a curriculum that energetic, growing children can enjoy.

Brings out the maximum potential
in children

Many of our students will also begin their first steps towards toilet-training in our supportive, nurturing environment. Parents and teachers work together to provide the best possible foundation for success. "I can do it!" is the motto for our classes.

Daily Schedule

  • Childcare

    Optional childcare is available from 7:30AM.

  • Arrival at School

    Check your temperature, wash hands, unpack your school bag, free play
    *Children in the Playschool Short program arrive from 9:30

  • Morning Circle Time

    Go over the class rules and daily schedule, sing,
    dance and do fun activities related to the monthly theme.

  • Activitiy

    Theme-based activity.
    Games, crafts, and guided play.

  • Daily Walk/ Park

    We go to the park or take a walk when the weather is nice
    *In case of rain, we enjoy active play in the classroom.

  • Lunch Time

    *Children in Preplay go home at this time.

  • Storytime

    Listen to a story and prepare for afternoon nap (Playschool Long only)

  • Nap (Play Long Only)

    *Children in the Playschool Short enjoy afternoon activities and free play.

  • Goodbye Circle Time

    Children in the Playschool Short sing songs and say goodbye to end the school day.

  • Dismissal (Playschool Short only)

  • Wake Up (Playschool Long only)

  • Snack Time

    Snacks and refreshments.

  • Afternoon Activity Time

    Monthly themed based activities and free play.

  • Dismissal (Playschool Long only)

  • Childcare

    Optional childcare until 19:00 is provided.

*The above schedule is a general reference. It may vary depending on the day of the week, season, and school circumstances.

Preplay Class

(Ages 1~2)

Tuesday through Friday


1 or 2 days
a week

Preplay is our class for children ages 1 to 2 who are ready to be introduced to a classroom environment away from their parents. Age appropriate activities and supervised free play with classmates and teachers encourage children to relax and enjoy school. Preplay is combined in the same classroom as Playschool Young students so that when they are ready to move on to the longer school day of Playschool, they will already know their classmates and teachers!

Annual Event Schedule

  • 4


    Welcome to School

    We celebrate the entrance to school.

  • 6


    Sports Day

    Enjoy games and sports with family and friends.

  • 7


    Summer Cooking

    Prepare and try fresh summer fruit with friends.

  • 8


    Summer Festival

    A week of special activities to celebrate summer.

  • 10


    Halloween Party

    Fun with Halloween games, crafts,
    and trick-or-treating.

  • 11


    Autumn Cooking

    Prepare and taste delicious fall fruit and vegetables.

  • 12


    Christmas Party

    Sing Christmas songs and make aspecial craft
    with family. Santa will be our special guest!

  • 1


    Fashion Show

    Show off your favorite outfit on the runway.

  • 2


    Valentine Cooking

    Make a special treat for someone you love.

  • 3


    Goodbye Party

    Celebrate the end of the school year and
    say goodbye to friends who are moving
    on to Preschool.

We may have to cancel or change events due to circumstances such as infestation epidemic or other sudden situations.
We hold monthly emergency drills.
In addition, there are class-based events such as picnics and cooking.

Childcare (Extended Hours)

Nishinomiya International School is open from 7:30 to 19:00 on weekdays and from 9:00 to 18:00 on Saturdays.
We offer special monthly childcare plans for weekdays along with hourly childcare. Please contact us for more information.